A Makeover | Florica

Monday, July 28, 2014

I was so excited to have my friend Florica over to do makeup for her photo shoot. Florica teaches kindergarden students and was one of my lovely bridesmaids! We met when we were 11 years old at church choir during the age of Bratz Dolls and unfortunate hairstyles. Needless to say, we have been prancing around together ever since! For her photo shoot, we decided on channeling her inner vixen with really sleek, sexy smoked out eye makeup. For the cherry on the top, nude-pink lips and a beautiful highlight and contour were added to bring out a gorgeous, healthy glow.

The Products:

Neutrogena Oil Free Lotion
Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer
MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC42)
Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder
BH Cosmetics Camouflage Concealer Palette
MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in "Coffee Walnut" (Limited Edition)
Milani Baked Blush in "Red Vino"
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in "Opal"
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in "Dark Brown"
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Transparent Gel
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette
Ardell #105 Glamour Lashes
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in "Zero"
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (Waterproof)
Jordana Lipliner in "Rock N' Rose"
MAC Lipstick in "Bombshell"
Khroma Lipgloss in "Natural Honey"
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

The How-To:

Face: I started off by moisturizing Florica's skin with an oil-free lotion and prepping it for foundation with a light, non-greasy primer so her makeup would hold during the shoot. I then contoured and highlighted her face with cream products to create a skin-like look and used a powder foundation on other areas of her face and blended everything in. To set the cream products, an HD translucent powder was used. I brushed the apples of her cheeks with a red vino color and swept up and away to blend with the rest of her contour. We added a gorgeous powder highlighter on the tops of her cheekbones and on her cupid's bow to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and a fuller lip.

Eyes: We started off the eye area by giving Florica nice, full brows that accentuated her arch. I primed her lids to ensure the eye makeup would not crease during the photo shoot and then applied a champagne color, "Glisten" all over the lid (from the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette). Two red-brown warm hues were mixed together in her crease to deepen the socket. Then, "Deep Plum" was applied to the outer corner and inner corner of the lid. I used my brush to balloon out the color and smoke it out for a sexy look. I used the two brown shades again to connect the two colors and blend them into the crease area for a beautiful transition into each corner of the eye. I highlighted under her brow bones and next to her tear ducts with the white "Vanilla" shade and added the yellow highlight, "Legend" as an extra little pop over the tear duct area as well. I cut down a pair of Ardell #105 Glamour lashes to fit her eye area and applied them with Duo Lash Adhesive. I loved these lashes on her--they really made her eyes look super flirty and sexy with their winged out shape.

Lips: Since we focused so much on the eyes, I wanted her lips to be a neutral, flesh color so that it would not take away from the rest of her face. I used a nude-brown color to line her lips and a stunning, hydrating nude-pink lipstick from MAC. To top off the lip cocktail, I applied a nude-brown gloss in the center of her lips for added light and dimension.

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My Vanity | Set up, Storage & Organization ( + GIVEAWAY!)

Friday, July 25, 2014

The past few weeks have been super busy with moving into another new apartment (long story...check out this blog post for details). Throughout the hustle and bustle, I have slowly accumulated the magical items to complete my dream vanity. When I set out on this epic quest I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a beautiful but practical vanity at a reasonable price. All of the vanities I found were either too small, too big, too flimsy looking, had tiny mirrors, or were astronomically expensive. For example, the PB Teen one I loved was a whopping $1,395 (and that's without adding the chair to it!)

With no luck in my search, I set out to create and piece together my very own vanity. By selecting all the different pieces myself, I created a chic, functional makeup and getting-ready area that caters perfectly to all my storage needs. 

Desk: I ordered this white Malm Dressing Table ($149) from the Ikea website (since there isn't one in my area...boo!) I love that it comes with a glass sheet to place on top so that the white wood underneath doesn't stain. This makes cleanup super simple and I just keep a roll of clorox disinfecting wipes nearby so I can quickly wipe off any makeup messes. The size of the desk is just perfect for me as it is compact enough to keep in a small apartment setting but big enough to store plenty and place a good deal of items on top. It has one long drawer that pulls out and is deep enough to hold several drawer organizers with makeup or accessories stored inside. I do wish that the drawer was able to pull out farther so that I could fully view my products in the back. There is some sort of hack for this involving adjusting the metal sliders on each side so I'll have to investigate a way to do this properly without breaking it (I'm a clutz). However, I love that Ikea even included a nice cream sheet to line the drawer so that it stays sophisticated and clean.

Drawers: This white Alex Drawer Unit ($119) was also ordered from Ikea and comes with 4 deep drawers and 5 shallow ones for a grand total of 9 drawers. The unit is sturdy and I love how easily and cleanly each drawer slides out. The assembly for this was NOT fun however as it comes in a billion different pieces with even more nails, screws and odds and ends. So far I've been using this drawer to store products I use in my makeup artist kit, extra organizers, face masks and lotions, business cards, palettes, and other accessories and bits. A lot of the drawers are still empty though so I'll have to find a way to put them to use.

Chair: The Flash Furniture Ghost acrylic chair ($71) was purchased after scouring Amazon for some fun desk chairs. I thought this acrylic one looked so modern yet elegant at the same time. I love its sturdy, clean cut edges and that it can match with any furniture I place in the room. I thought it would look great with the accompanying acrylic organizers I placed on the desk. I was worried that it wouldn't be comfortable to sit on but I was definitely happily surprised. While it's not plush and fuzzy, I can sit doing my makeup or work on a blog post for a considerable time without my back aching or feeling uncomfortable.

Wall Mirror: I measured the desk and then tried to find a mirror that was similar or the same length-wise so that my vanity area would look proportional. I found this beautiful wall mirror in-store at Home Goods (I think it was around the $200 area--I can't find find it on the website anymore). I love large mirrors for a vanity area as it makes the room look larger and just looks so glamorous. I really like how the bordering on this one is layered mirror panels instead of a heavy, thick wooden or metal one. It looks really chic and simple and doesn't overpower the area. 

Desk Mirror: I found this little desk mirror  ($29.99) at Bed Bath and Beyond in the bathroom section. One side is a normal mirror and the other side is magnified so it's great when I want to do liquid eyeliner, intricate eye makeup or pluck my eyebrows. 

Acrylic Lipstick Holders: This great acrylic lipstick holder ($13. 89) was purchased online at Amazon and holds 24 lipsticks in its 3 rows. I use one to easily view and store my MAC lipstick collection (I know, it's obnoxious but I LOVE them) and another one right behind it to store my high-end lipsticks. I love having them out like this because then I can store them upside down and easily see the colors. This also keeps them "in sight and in mind" if you will so that I can easily grab them and use different ones every day.

Acrylic Drawers, Organizer & Cups: I found the rest of my acrylic storage at The Container Store. The drawers are actually 3 different acrylic drawers that I stacked on top of one another to create a muji drawer sort of look (without the incredible expense!) Each drawer pulls out with a horizontal handle. I wish the handles came out more so that your fingers could easily grip around them or under them but overall, they are really nice for organizing. Right now, I am using them to organize my lipliners, lip glosses and drug store lipsticks. I lay them all down with the color facing outward so that I can easily see all the shades through the acrylic. I also organize them inside according to brand. I use the acrylic organizer in the center of the table to store the products I use on a daily basis. This really speeds up the getting ready process in the morning and ensures I can get out the door in a flash if I need to. I try to rotate the products I place in it so that I don't get stuck in the same makeup funk. This also ensures that I am actually using all the makeup I have and can test out new products. The acrylic cups are also from The Container Store and are a great height and shape to accommodate my brushes (they are dirty and really need a bath right now...Check out this blog post if you want to learn my method of washing brushes). Although they match the other acrylic organizers on the desk I don't think they are too thrilling so I might try and find some classy vintage looking mugs to store them in for the future.

Composition Book: Found this baby for only $1 at my local Dollar Tree. I love its sleek, simple black outside. I keep this out on my desk or sometimes in my purse to jot down ideas, sketch out posts, or anything else pertaining to this blog. It keeps me from forgetting any great (or not-so-great) ideas which often like to appear from nowhere. I keep this handy to be ready anytime an idea strikes.

Desk Calendar: I keep this desk calendar from Target laid out on my desk so that I can easily plan out the week whether it's blog posts, appointments, reminders, or any other daily life events. It really helps me to stay organized, planned out and punctual. I love having it out on my vanity/work space because I can just hop out of bed in the morning and immediately see what needs to be done for each day.

Fake Flower: I bought this fake peony ($5.99) from Michael's Arts and Crafts store. I think it's a nice little decoration/accent to the white furniture in the room and just adds a little extra somethin' somethin'.

Acrylic Vase: My mom gave me this thin acrylic vase and neither of us can remember where it's from unfortunately. Things like this should be easy to find in any home or craft store though. I think it's perfect to display a single real or fake flower elegantly.

Mirrored Tray: This mirrored tray(similar) came from Home Goods. I use it to display my perfumes and body sprays within arms reach when I'm getting ready. I wish the tray was mirrored on the under side as well but it is still a pretty display piece.

Wall Decal: I found this lovely wall decal ($10.99) online at Amazon. I love the quote and I have placed it above my vanity mirror as an extra little touch.

Overall, I am so pleased with my new vanity setup and it really is the makeup area and work space that I have always dreamed of. I will probably continue to spruce it up here and there regarding decor and where I place things but for now I am very content!

Let me know if you decide to re-create a vanity like mine or if you already have one that you really like I would love to see it! Tweet me your vanity picture on Twitter or tag me in your vanity on Facebook or Instagram so I can see! :)

The Giveaway:

I am going to be giving away one new acrylic lipstick organizer exactly like the one I have on my vanity! The giveaway will end August 8th at midnight. No entries will be accepted after this point. I will announce the lucky winner on all of my social media accounts and send you your prize!

T O  E N T E R  T H E  G I V E A W A Y  Y O U  M U S T:

- Comment below on this blog post and tell me what your dream vanity would look like
 -Like, follow or subscribe to at least 2 of my social media pages:

B O N U S:

Along with the other steps above, you will be added into the drawing for this giveaway TWICE if you:

 -Regram this photo (the giveaway photo above) on your Instagram account with @beautybooklove and hashtags #beautybooklove and #beautybooklovevanity
- Copy the giveaway picture and post it to your Facebook wall and tag 5 of your friends in the picture. Tag The Beauty Book Facebook page as well and include the hashtags #beautybooklove and @beautybooklovevanity.

Good Luck!

My Little Beauty Beast | NARS, Estee Lauder, Hourglass, Anastasia & Stila

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's been a hot minute since I've done the last segment of My Little Beauty Beast and I can tell you that since then, I've accumulated a beauty wish list longer than the hair on Chewbacca's back. To save both of our sanities, I cut down my wish list exponentially so that it only reflects the products that I... ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE OKAY?!? *sobs.* Alas, money does not grow on magical giving trees--especially when you are a young, pregnant newly wed--so I'll gaze longingly from afar and maybe grab one or two of these slowly but surely. I got diapers to buy, people.

Besides that little factoid, I've noticed that my taste has gotten really (inconveniently) expensive lately. Almost every product on my colossal wish list is high-end or borderlining on Marie Antoinette frivolity like this gorgeous Givenchy number. Highlighting powders, bronzers, and all things with a beautiful sheen take up the top spots on my list as well. For example, I've been searching for the coveted limited edition Estée Lauder Heat Wave highlighter for ages now. It's on Amazon and other websites but people are charging insane amounts of money just because they know they can (it was originally $45!). I just want to be a summery, glowy, bronze Aphrodite, okay?

A Makeover: Charlotte

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet my beautiful baby sister (or baby seeeeeesster as I like to call her). She kindly came over yesterday to help move some last minute little things into my apartment and hangout and of course we ended up breaking out the makeup and playing! I decided to give her a full, fun makeover and teach her some little tricks of the trade. We decided on doing glamorous, Victoria's Secret inspired makeup--glowy, healthy bronzed skin and some va va voom eyes! 

The Products: 

Victoria Secret Radiant Glow Highlighting Powder 

The How-To: 

The Face: I prepped Charlotte’s skin with an oil free lotion great for sensitive skin and a primer to fill her pores and create a long-lasting base for her makeup. I chose MAC Face and Body Foundation because of its sheer, water-based buildable texture. I wanted to create the look of perfected skin while still letting her beautiful, natural freckles peek through. A thick concealer 2 shades lighter than her skin tone was placed under her eye area, the middle of the forehead, down the center of the nose and in the center of the skin to conceal dark circles and highlight the face for dimension. I used the darkest brown shades in the BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette to contour the hollows of her cheeks, temples, jawline and sides of the nose. I then set her face with a transluscent powder and brushed a rose-gold blush on the apples of her cheeks sweeping upward. I added a bit more depth to the contour by placing a powder bronzer over top. To add a glow to her cheekbones, I mixed a pink and champage colored highlighter together.

The Eyes: I filled Charlotte’s eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil with warm red undertones to suit her strawberry blonde hair coloring and primed her eyelids with my favorite MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I used a beautiful rose colored highlighter, Victoria Secret’s Radiant Rose all over the inner half of her lid space. I used the lightest egg-white shade, “Strange” from the Naked 3Palette as a highlight under her brows and next to her tear ducts to open up the eye area. From the original Naked Palette, I used the gold color, “Half Baked” to cover the outer half of the lid space that was not covered. To add warm depth to the crease and on the bottom lash line, I used MAC Pro LongwearEyeshadow in “Uninterrupted” and blended it well. I used a cooler, dark brown from the original Naked Palette, “Hustle” in the outer corner of her eyes and then placed on a set of Ardell #109 Lashes. To cover the band and create a smoked out lash line effect, I pressed “Creep”, (a black shade from the original Naked Palette) as close to the lash as possible. Black mascara was then coated on the top and bottom lashes.

The Lips: Charlotte’s lips were outlined and filled in the corners with a mid-toned pink lipliner and filled with a nude-pink lipstick in the center to create dimension and the appearance of a fuller lip. A shimmery pink lipgloss was then coated on her lips to top it all off and to bring extra shine.

Just Hit Shelves | Drugstore Edition

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Like a makeup ninja, I prowled through the cosmetic section of Target the other day to scout out the latest products and get the 411 on the newest beauty items. Not gonna lie, I definitely felt like that awkward person you might spot during the occasional outing who talks to themselves while stroking their cat in their pajama bottoms and fur coat. Yeah. I was that person trying to inconspicuously snap photos of products and fervidly writing notes as I moved down each aisle. Le sigh. The life of a weirdo beauty blogger.
Aside from looking like a total crazed lunatic, I found it really fun and even therapeutic to take a break from moving into the new apartment and take a chill pill for a second in the glorious, air-conditioned Target oasis. If you can't tell, I love Target (like most girls) with a strange passion that I can't quite describe. Maybe it's the way the aisles are arranged so perfectly or all the bright, happy colors. It's probably the cute clothing and the fact that a Starbucks wonderland can be found inside each one. Whatever the reason, be it my weary, tired-of-moving-into-new-places pregnant hormonal self or that I'm obsessed with makeup, I was particularly thrilled to be there that day.

There are probably a million more new products out in other drugstores (like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc.) but these were the ones I specifically found at Target and the ones that excited me the most.

New From Maybelline:

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation ($8.99)- Maybelline describes this as "a breakthrough liquid foundation texture" that "fuses with skin" and provides an "impeccable, yet undetectable" finish. It's medium to full coverage and works well with normal skin types. The line seems to have quite a lot of shades--I saw 12 different shades on the display rack in Target. I was disappointed with the measly amount of product listed on the bottle (0.6 ounces). The average foundation has at least 1 ounce so that was definitely a big con for me. The few reviews of this foundation I've seen compare the texture and wear of the product to be similar to L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

Maybelline The Nudes Palette ($9.99)- I was literally SO excited to see a drugstore brand release a large palette of convenient every-day nudes like this. The price is also incredible and works out to be 83 cents a shadow (there are 12 eyeshadows). The palette has a great assortment of both warm and cool shades which is great for creating lots of different looks. I snatched up the very last one on the display below and can't wait to review the palette to see what it's like concerning quality and blendability.  

Maybelline Master Kajal ($7.99)- Maybelline describes this as their "first liner designed for an easy glide along the inside line." Apparently it's also waterproof, "infused with luxurious oils", and provides all day wear. The line comes in 4 shades--black, brown, gray and an intense royal blue. I didn't pick up this particular product since I usually don't line my waterline with dark colors but I might want this for my kit if it's really as long wearing in the waterline as it says. 

Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara ($7.77)- Maybelline describes this as, "our biggest mascara brush with the double curved stem delivers a double shot of mascara." They also claim that "the smoother formula with double the collagen plumps without clumps." The packaging immediately drew me to this product with its bright, neon pink and yellow look. I know that sounds kinda bad, but I am such a sucker for pretty packaging and the marketing totally reels me in like a sucker sometimes. I am excited to try this out as I have had a lot of great experiences with Maybelline's mascaras. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal ($3.49)- I have honestly never even tried the original baby lips so I can't say much from personal experience but so many beauty bloggers rave about this lip balm. This is a new extension of that line which has 6 new shades with "a kiss of shimmer." Maybelline claims that this new lip balm has "micro crystal particles" and that it "visibly renews lips in 1 week." 

New From L'Oreal:

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation ($14.99)- L'Oreal claims that this foundation "blurs the look of lines, wrinkles an uneven texture while delivering the anti-aging benefits of Visible Lift..for a fresh, smooth youthful finish you'll love." I have never tried any of L'Oreal's anti-aging foundations (since I'm only 22!) but I have heard a lot of great reviews from others. There seemed to be a huge color range to choose from at Target! 

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush ($11.99)- With the same technology as used in its partner foundation of the same name, this is described as providing a youthful and blendable color to the cheeks. I actually almost bought one of these despite the anti-aging advertising just because the colors looked so beautiful and the idea of blush in a tube isn't something you see every day. There are 3 summery pinky-coral shades. 

L'Oreal Collection Privée Lipsticks ($5.99)- I recently picked up two colors from this line at my local Walgreens but Target seems to have a larger selection of these lipsticks. For a full review, check out this blog post

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara ($7.99)- L'Oreal calls this "one of their most exciting innovations yet" with an "asymmetrical lash line shape" that extends and lifts out corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect."

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara ($8.95)- L'Oreal describes this as a mascara that "builds volume with clean definition for an excessively dramatic lash look." They also claim that their millionizer brush is "bigger than ever to separate and build each lash evenly from root to tip."

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara ($6.59)- L'Oreal claims that this mascara has "a 360 flexor brush to build bold volume with high intensity from top to bottom." They also claim that it has a "unique conical shape to catch those hard to reach lashes with an incredibly even application." I thought the little anime panda bears on the packaging were so stinkin' CUTE. 

New From Revlon:

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain ($7.49)- Coming in a wide range of 11 colors, Revlon describes these as an "ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe" and that it "drenches lips in a glossy wet color." All of the colors look so pretty to me but I held off on buying one at the time. The reds, corals and oranges look so beautiful to me and so I might grab a few next time. 

Revlon ColorStay Photo Ready Skinlights ($11.99)- Revlon describes this as a skin illuminator that can "banish dullness and even out skin with light capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments for a lit-within look." I swatched one of the lighter shades on my hand (since the bottle had already been opened--shame on you random person) and it seems like this would be a decent product to mix in with foundation to create more glow to the skin. It felt way to sheer to use as a cheek highlight that you would actually notice. 

What new products have you spotted at the drugstore lately? Which ones have you liked? 

Currently in My Makeup Bag | Summer Daily Makeup Routine

Monday, July 14, 2014

If you read my recent blog post, 5 Beauty Lessons I Learned While Sick, you will know about the fiasco my husband and I have been having recently with our little flea friends. After chemically bombing the apartment to high heaven several times to no avail (I'm pretty sure the Apocalypse could occur and they would be the sole survivors), we have decided to re-pack everything we just finished putting up and move to a new apartment complex. C'est la vie.

In between moves, my parents have adopted our cute homeless selves into their home and I've adopted  a makeup bag to tote around. I filled it with some summery everyday products from my squirrel stash. The rest I tucked away all snuggly to be moved to the new apartment. In the meantime though, these have been my everyday essentials. 

The Skin Prep:

I'm testing out a new facial lotion, Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream, and I really like it so far! It hydrates and brightens the skin for a youthful, refreshed look before applying makeup. If I wake up with dark circles, I massage a drop of my handy-dandy MAC Fast Response Eye Cream into my under-eye area and then seal it all in with my Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer. Before applying any makeup I dab on a bit of Nivea Lip Balm to soak into my lips. Crusty-crust lips ain't a cute look under lipstick y'all.  

The Face: 

Since it's hotter than Hugh Jackman's abs out there, I'm currently using Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation. It dries to a powder finish so it keeps my oily skin at bay. I like that it also protects my skin  during the day with SPF 20. For a heavy duty concealer that doesn't budge, I'm using MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 (seriously best concealer ever...check it out in this blog post.) To seal everything in, I'm using MAC Prep + Prime Pressed Powder--a translucent setting powder that knows no limits when it comes to sweat. As usual, I bronze/contour my face with my NARS Laguna Bronzer. No surprise here. It's just perfection and I haven't found anything I like better. Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink has been calling the apples of my cheeks its home lately. Such a pretty baby doll pink! For a golden glow, I like to apply my Hard Candy Bronzer in "Tiki" to the tops of my cheekbones (or anywhere on my face I want to look particularly angelic that day).

The Eyes: 

As usual, I'm still filling in my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in "Auburn." It's so precise and just so simple to work with and I love the color. I decided to switch it up and use MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot instead of Painterly. While it's definitely more sheer, it still primes great and provides a great coral sheen to the lids. It pairs great with MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in "Sweet Satisfaction." Together they make a warm sand-beige color that I love. In the crease, MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in "Uninterrupted." Absolutely beautiful. The color is such a warm, rich mustard/camel brown that just screams summer. I'm currently using Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in "Smog" to line my eyes and intensify the warmth in that area. To create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes, I rim my waterline with a NYX Eyeliner in "Pure White" and also apply it to the brow bone as a matte highlight. To top it off, I curl my lashes and then apply Too Faced "Better Than Sex" Mascara--which is ahh-mazing (and the commercial for it is hilarious, btw).

The Lips:

If it's a particularly hot day--haha jk that's everyday recently--I apply MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer to prevent my lip products from feathering and smearing throughout the day (this blog post is also great if you have that problem). I then line my lips with a great browny-nude color, Jordana Lipliner in "Rock N' Rose." Depending on my mood that day, I either fill them in completely with the lipliner and pair NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée on top (for a beautiful nude lip) or I fill in the lips with a fun orange coral color, MAC "Vegas Volt."

What's in your summer makeup bag? 

My Wedding Day | Vendors + Stores

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Things that are put together well or organized never appear complicated on the outside. When you watch sports champions like Rodger Federer glide across the tennis court, I bet your bottom dollar you aren't thinking about the dude that iced his leg that morning, the coach who sculpted his forehand, or the chick that mixed his top-secret energy drink. 

Same goes for weddings. Despite all my perusings through the happy photos of wedded couples and cakes on Pinterest, it never dawned on me that, "Wow, this actually takes a lot of work and people to get this done!" I was just like, "omagahhh...so caaaUUUUUTTTEEE!! You are SO being pinned."

Like. Totally.

Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say through all the blabber is that planning a wedding or any event for that matter takes a lot of time, thought, people and planning. Also a lot of research. If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, hopefully my list of vendors (who were all incredible, btw) will help you if you are currently planning your own wedding. Otherwise, it can be used as a tool for inspiration and ideas. 

The Behind-the-Scenes Superstars:

Wedding Planner: Christina Kreations
Photographer: mak photography
Videographer: Collab Creations (video coming soon!)

The Makeup:

The exact products and how-to for my wedding day makeup can be found in my last blog post.

The Wedding Dress + Accessories: 

Wedding Dress: Bridals and More
Wedding Dress Alterations: Sew True Alterations
Bride Veil: Alfred Angelo
Bride Reception Dress: Michael's Formalwear & Bridal
Bride Engagement Ring: Union Diamond (Atlanta, GA)
Bride Wedding Band: Kay Jewelers
Bride Earrings: Dillard's 
Bride Bracelet: Caché 

The Bridesmaid Dresses + Accessories:

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Maid of honor dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Hair Stylist & Makeup: Simply Makeup 
Bridesmaid Personalized Gift Bags: Exclusively Weddings
Bridesmaid Robes: www.wowwee.ir
Bridesmaid Hangers: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Jewelry: Etsy

The Groom & Groomsmen Tux + Accessories:

Groom Tux: JoS A. Banks
Groom Vest & Tie: Amazon
Groom Wedding Band and engraving: Tiffany & Co.
Groomsmen Tux: JoS A. Banks
Groomsmen cufflink gifts: JoS A. Banks
Groom & Groomsmen buttoners: Liz Stewart Floral Design

The Rehearsal Dinner: 

Rehearsal Dinner: The Lodge & Club
Rehearsal Dinner Personalized Hershey Chocolate Miniatures: www.theknot.com
Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Cocktail Napkins: www.weddingpaperdivas.com
Coral/Beach Decorations: Liz Stewart Floral Design

The Ceremony:

Ceremony Music: The Newton Quartet
Ceremony Vocalists: Rachel Kamps and Walter Hook
Ceremony Priest(s): Father Remek Blaszkowski + David Keegan (seminarian)
Ceremony Programs: www.catholicbrides.com
Ceremony Flowers: Liz Stewart Floral Design

The Reception:

Reception: TPC Sawgrass
Reception Lighting + Flowers:  Liz Stewart Floral Design
Reception Band: The River Town Band 
Vintage Rolls Royce Transportation: Tommy Emtenza
Limo Transportation for bridesmaids/groomsmen: East Coast Transportation
Wedding Cake: Classic Cakes
Grooms Cake: Publix
Menus: Pearl Beach Paperie 
Wedding Invitations: Pineapple Post
Personalized Wedding Invitation Stamps: www.zazzle.com
Bride/Groom sweetheart table signs: Etsy
Dance floor decal: Etsy
Seating Assignment sign: Etsy

If you have any questions about the vendors or want some help with ideas, feel free to comment below!

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